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    Thoughts on this anti-hero?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by semolinaro, Mar 24, 2016.

    I’m working on a five part novel series titled ‘The Hour of Eden’. It’s a dystopian alternate timeline in history (not future!) in which the undead, who seemed to rise out of nowhere, threaten the existence of humanity and force them to live in a society protected by only one thing: The Hour of Eden, a song played from massive bell towers that repulses the undead. I’ve been quarreling with how to write my main character and felt that he would make a better anti-hero due to the nature of the story. His name is Noël Everlock, here is the blurb I have written for his character, let me know your thoughts and if you think he would make a good anti-hero protagonist for this story or things I could maybe tweak/add/change.

    I see Noël as more of a pragmatic anti-hero, who grew up in Ahlgren, a poverty-ridden city full of crime and disease. His father, Torbern Everlock, was a well respected medic for the country’s military guild before retiring to Ahlgren after having his son. During his retirement, his wife Katherine did most of Noël’s raising until she fell ill with a plague that struck the city. As time passed, Torbern grew lazy, depressed and unmotivated due to bad memories and traumatic experiences. With Katherine’s illness and Torbern’s apathy, Noël was forced to take responsibility for the family if they were to survive. From a young age he learned how to use handguns and daggers, and pillaged men and families for their food and goods. As he grew up, Noël became numb to violence and would commit murder without a trace of remorse, because it was the only way he could get ahead and survive. He developed a hatred for his father, who he viewed as capable but uncaring to his ill mother and their current situation in one of the country’s poorest cities. Despite his violent habits and remorseless killing, Noël can’t bring himself to kill women, perhaps due to caring for his sick mother for so long. However, that doesn’t stop him from sleeping with many women on a regular basis. After the destruction of his city, the death of his mother and the discovery that he himself is an undead who is resistant to the sound of The Hour of Eden, Noël will go to any length to find out how this happened. After growing up in the hard streets of Ahlgren, he has little remorse when he feels he must resort to violence or ill actions to get what he wants. He even sacrifices others to get ahead. Noël rarely ever keeps his word as he is more interested in his own goals, unless it involves people he loves or cares for, which are few and far between. Very few trust Noël. Along with his violent background in Ahlgren as a thief and felon and the fact that he is undead, people are afraid that he is an ill omen and a representation of the country’s downfall (religious factors also play into why people are so afraid of Noël). More than anything, he wants to know why his father kept so many secrets and chose not to share them; he seeks revenge on him despite the fact that he’s dead, and it eats him alive. The only time that Noël shows some compassion is for his love interest, Aleena Lockhart, even though it takes him a while to warm up to her. There are moments where he would put his own motives aside just for her well-being, and despite having slept with multiple women on a regular basis, he is in love with her and her alone.

    This is what I have so far. I’m just curious to get some feedback as the main character of a story is one of the most important elements!

    Thank you!
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    Right Here.
    Well, I'm no jenius but I'll take a crack at it....

    He does seem quite dark indeed, with the string of murders, but maybe that would be better looked at in the context of the story. I think something fairly major would have to happen for him to be a casual murderer and still genuinely care for another person. I think the way he turned out isn't surprising, given his upbringing. The only points that come at me as inconsistent are a murderer who has a sincere love interest, and the idea of an essentially serial killer as the protagonist, but again, I'd like to see context. I have to say, it sounds like a pretty interesting idea. Is this person the only one resistant to the bell towers? I'd like to see that explained thoroughly. And even though it's relative frosting, I like your character names. But Lockhart and Everlock...heh.... I'm torn between liking them and wanting you to keep both, or wanting you to change one of em. Which one, though? I quite like both.

    so there's this dork's opinion.
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    There is nothing new or inconsistent about this.
    Take a look at characters like Hannibal Lecter or Dexter Morgan. While Hannibal is as evil as they come, he still has emotions, so why wouldn't a character who is even more complex than a villain - an anti-hero - have those same feelings? If that isn't evidence enough, look at comic books. Characters like Wolverine, Deadpool, and the Punisher are all anti-heroes and all have love interests. Wolverine even has multiple love interests.
    You are forgetting that even though you may understand these characters, they are still human and are quite prone to human emotions.
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    I would say less "anti-hero" and more "villain protagonist," and as a connoisseur of villain protagonism I can promise you that I like this one ;)

    Do you already have ideas for how he passed as a mortal without anybody - himself included - noticing anything off about him, or how he's immune to the Hour of Eden?

    And by the way, Even Evil Has Loved Ones :)
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    First, I usually prefer protagonists with a dark side, and I think yours is a very interesting one.

    HOWEVER... and I don't even know how to explain this properly, but idea that he falls in love just some how ruins it for me. If he is so heartless, then what is it with this woman that makes this monster of a human being, well... human again? I don't know. It comes to me as this woman is "special", or to be frank, "better" than other women. And for me, that is just quite the turn off in a character. The fact that he's such a playboy makes it worse. This is just me, but I think it would be better if you remove the romance aspect. It just feels so jarring or forced. Maybe if you make it that ever since the very beginning of your story, Aleena already has some impact on Noel--even before he has turned into a heartless person, although not necessarily during his childhood. I think that would make it more sense. Yes, you said that it did take quite a while for him to warm up to her, but that would be a long, long "while." Personally, I'd prefer if many, various people grow on him overtime rather than focus it on one love interest.

    Then again, this is only a broad overview of your idea, and I am a firm believer that anything can work :)

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