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    Thoughts on this Magic System?

    Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Viserion, Dec 8, 2020.

    Not sure what to call this magic system, but here goes.

    Humans are limited beings. They are incapable of truly perceiving the world, instead interpreting it as objects, other people, animals etc. Some people have the ability to ‘shift’ their perspective of the world to a slightly more accurate one, seeing the atomic structures that make up reality. They perceive the world as an infinite desert of sorts, beneath an empty black sky alive with whirling, writhing threads of gold. Time slows, and centuries in there equal a few minutes in ours.

    People who enter it can build virtually anything from the sand, and bring it into our view. This allows them to seemingly create something from nothing.

    It takes a lot of effort to do this. Imagine working for days, molding sand with your bare hands just to make a dining room table and two chairs.

    You can’t destroy anything from reality, although you can add to it. If you ‘bring’ a person or object it will look like a grey statue of hard clay. You can move it around, but that will have no effect on reality.

    If you want a permanent construct, you need training and practice. Even more so if you want to create a living thing.

    You can build living things, but said items will be inedible and taste like ozone if you try to eat it.

    You can’t sleep in this realm, although you won’t get ‘tired’ necessarily. That can have an effect on your mind.

    Communication is possible through this realm. Towering spires denote meeting places, and are left in place.

    Cooperation on a project can be done, but it requires all participants to bring it back to our world.

    What do you think? And what should I call this place and people who can access it?

    Also, how would this affect a society?
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    I find this terribly confusing. Are you talking about an alternate world? Like straight from the start, when you talk about humans not being able to perceive the world accurately, which world are you referencing? What is the benefit of this magic? Is it purely creation magic that exists on another plane?
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    My knee-jerk reaction is that it reminds me a lot of soulcasting from The Stormlight Archive, but not as useful. My impression is that it'd take too long to do anything useful with the magic that there would be very few practitioners and the ones that do exist would be rather maladjusted after spending so much time in this other realm.

    While you say it's possible to have co-op builds that sounds like a nightmare to plan, because of how time passes differently. If your partner is late by a few seconds, suddenly you're waiting for weeks, if not years, for them to show up.

    As for how it'd affect society, it really depends on how prevalent it is. If it's limited to very few people it probably won't be too influential. It sounds like most of what they'd be capable of, can be achieved by normal means. Though if they can eventually create life from nothing that can become a source for problems as a malicious caster could build themselves an army and situate themselves as a Dark Lord. Ultimately it sounds both too good and too ineffective which, to me, would lead to heavy regulations if not outright persecutions against the magic users, because they aren't really beneficial to society but could turn destructive towards it. Though I could be misinterpreting the magic system and drawing conclusions which are inaccurate, but this is just my take away on what you've posted here.
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    This is an extremely abstract, interesting to me, but can put off a lot of people. Essentially what you have is more of an out of body experience that allows them to bring back what they make. From the way it sounds and the rules, It is mainly for communication and utility. It seems to lack the ability to create reactions to produce traditional magic things like say a fireball or lightning bolt, but allows you to create a sword or statue on the fly.

    I will already go out and say that creating living things should be a Hard No as it could lead to plot holes which are not good. Unless you have some1 that is an exception to the rule. Honestly i think you should keep magic as this mental labor intensive magic as not only would it make mages more uncommon but even more uncommon among those that can access this place as its alot of work and mental exhaustion i can see quite a few 'lazy' gifted ppl just not using this power. Just going off of this and some of the dragon stuff ive seen you post it would make your world more gritty while still allowing for some flexibility in dealing with these monstrous dragons im assuming this magic system is going into.
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