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    tips and suggestions for my plot

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Sarah's scribbles, Nov 4, 2015.

    Alright, well my plot for this story I'm writing involves people from some worlds ending up in other worlds, whether from old young or middle age, they end up in another world where they do not belong. whether they know it or not, they will still sense it deep down inside on a primal level, that they do not belong. there are those though, that send these people back to their correct world, beings created simply to fix the anomolies of the universes.

    So for the first book I was going to go with a simpler plot. there's a guy, average in appearance though somewhat smart, he's in a world very similar to ours, but one day one of the beings comes for him, sending him against his will to the world he was meant to be born in, and trapping him there. This world is nothing like ours. in this world, people weild power called mantra a natural life force that flows within everyone and everything in this world.

    So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me or any kind of tips or suggestions.
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    What is the story? Before you can start thinking about plot you need a story. A character in a setting isn't a story. So what is the character's goal or purpose in this other world he gets sent to? How does he feel about that?
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    Maybe his goal could be to get back to his original planet but as he journeys through his birth planet he realizes that it's where he belongs. I think so long as you try to stick to three worlds max per novel then you'll be ok, and don't give them ridiculous names that no one remembers, try to keep it simple. What's the original planet going to be like, will it be like Earth? Therefore just make the other worlds different (but not too 'out there') from Earth and I'm sure the reader will be able to keep track of the different realms.

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