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    Tips for finding an editor.

    Discussion in 'Publisher Discussion' started by JayClassical, Jun 29, 2020.

    Okay, I'm done my novel (113 000 words). I'm ready to hire a professional editor so I can turn it into an ebook.
    Where do I start? What's a common going rate for that many words. I'm open-minded about plot criticisms but really I want to make sure the grammar is acceptable and maybe trim some fat so its a faster read.

    Can anyone point me in a good direction or doesn't anyone have good experience with some of the more commercial editing services? I could maybe shell out $2000 and maybe $1000 more to format into an ebook.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on where to look? My novel is a dark comedy about a teenager's struggle through high school from being the worst (but almost justified) conceptual human being to becoming the most beloved and popular kid in school. Thanks for checking out my thread!

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