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    Tod's ordinary adventure; payment in faery gold.

    Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Drake GreenWood, Jan 9, 2019.

    Oddly enough a book, I am working on is based on the Idea of a heroic roleplaying campaign. And the odd issues that get evoked.

    Tod a beginning armsman style magical Hero gets a job simple job through his mercenary commanding a small settlement named Hagadorph's new watch.

    A place where the oddest thing was the presence of a gnome like Lil'folk, of the Bush'lil clan, who was accompanied by a white cat, and foul mouthed bloodthirsty raven. The little folk man was pretending to be a Vale'lil [bush'lils also called the hidden ones] who was acting as a Factor for a tavern own who didn't receive a shipment of Missy Brewstsr's ale and beers.

    Tod Wakes up to his first day commanding, into a settlement changed over night.

    During the night a little old lady that the settlement calls Auntie Fay of the Musfolk [little folk clan that looks like upright mice] of the wildwood. With a letter of March and Reprisal for the new hero, from the Lady Earl of bluebird underhill, to form a "company" to search for a faerygod child belonging to a missing family of the settlement. [The missing family the reason the settlement decided to pay for a heroic professional watch commander.

    The settlement now sharing the communal breakfast with the most outrageous collection of minor heroes of talent. A clockwork samurai; his Master a Heng [shifter] lionmonkey priest, an undead bounty hunter called Vlad, a white Musfolk knight, his Lil'friend squire and Raft-captain, with as passengers, a girl dressed in leather beaded peasent clothes, and a lizard scaled Swamphunter nest mother hauling her egg as she tries to find out what happened to her missing tribe, if any still live.

    Tod a corporal over night while he slept was promoted to sergent, and leader of an Adventuring company.
    A group whose presence Vlad of the Wildwood [and thrall broken of the Red city necropolis] blames on the lady Earl's Faery princess, as he claims to have been three weeks travel away before walking through a rivers morning fogbank and into the settlement.

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