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    Tom Keneally

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by hvb, Apr 22, 2014.

    This post might have to be at the book discussion, except I want to share with you all how astounded I am at the use of language in this author's book "The Daughters of Mars"
    It starts with an Author's note: "Punctuation in this work may seem scant, but is meant to reflect - as tribute- the style of nurses and soldiers of the period". Which is WW1.
    Initially I was missing quotation marks for dialogue, but very soon I got pulled into the beautiful rhythm of the sentences and the delight in finding original phrases and descriptions on every page.
    For a wannabe author like me, I don't know whether to be inspired to read the work of such a talented writer or to crawl into a big hole, never to write another word again. Also, to write with such authority on the subject, his research must have taken longer than the time it took him the write the book.
    (He is the author of "Schindler's Ark" and many other books).
    I am in awe of such talent.

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