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    Too Nice? 3 - Too Damaged?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by GuardianWynn, Dec 25, 2015.

    If the title is catching you off guard it is a pattern. Basically the first one of these was about a character that I was afraid was too dominated by one character trait and wanted general feedback on what you guys thought.

    I did a second one which followed the same name sack title about a different character. In both cases you guys were helpful.

    This one is slightly different. New character and I am not sure I need feedback or help. I was just thinking about the character and wanted to share. :) I hope who ever reads this finds this interesting.

    So, this is about a character, this is in the lounge because it is sort of a relaxed topic. I don't need help perse, I just want to share. :) I am not against impressions though.

    This character is a girl. Born in war! Very strong, no non-sense and well, hot headed. Not stupid but eager and in her case those two can often be misunderstood by others.

    She is part of a nation that values strength above all else. She was born in a state that is in a civil war and she is part of the royal family. So a lot of pressure to do well was placed on her, but she does well. She never much seems to mind the pressure either. She wants to do well and she does well.

    Her mother died at a young age, she was mostly raised by her father or his elites. Since she grew up near battle she learned how to fight before read.

    The funny thing, is she might sound boring right now. I mean, she wasn't overly aggressive, given that she was in war. It is more a culture difference and she fit in well. Here is the thing. The war ended, she lead the winning charge but her father died. Theres the conflict.

    She is now the leader of a entire state with no natural political background. She is more a soldier than a diplomat. This proved to be a problem. More than that though, it revealed that she is well, damanged.

    She wants to do well for her state but she doesn't know how. The stress was so rough that she actually kind of lost it for a month and went on a alchol binge. She also got pregnant.

    That sort of set her straight thoug as she realized she was failing her people. Funny thing is she still had no clue what to do. Not on a large scale. She tried learning but it just gave her a headache. She views life too simple. Like a soldier, complete the mission.

    So she decided to try and raise her son to be a better king instead, while she just held everything together.

    Fun side note. Going with the emotionally broken aspect. her son was 3. she just didn't understand the concept of his bahavior. At one point, well probably more than one point but for this concept i am just bringing up one point. Her son tried to hug her. She just didn't understand why. She never felt any motherly bound to protect him. She would protect him, but her reason was more an understanding that she is supposed too rather than an actually emotional desire to do such. Or the logical conclusion that if he is to be a better king, he has to live. The premise that he wanted affection completely went over her head. To the point that when he wanted a hug she assumed it was a babies way of signalling a need of food or warmth or something. This is the real reason I opened this thread. Just I find that interesting. A mother that not only can't feel those emotions but doesn't even realize she is missing them. For this reason I am also tagging @Mckk What do you think of that?

    Though to wrap up her little son arc. I find many people find her logic of how to raise him either genius or stupid. I wonder what you guys think.

    Her logic sort of goes like this. She delibertly did not train him to fight at first and probably took steps to ensure he was bullied as a result. She wanted him to learn mentally, which was both academically and phisophically. Which obviously she learned to fight before she could learn anything else. So teaching him academics may sound obvious. But you may be thinking. Why refuse to let him fight? Why ensure he is bullied?

    Well, she did eventually teach him, once he became 16 and she at this point also explained to him her reason for purposefully making his life up to that point harsh. I will let her say it in her words.

    "I want you to be better than me. In every way. I want you to relay on your brain more than your power but most of all. I want you to have sympathy. A leader is not a glorious position. You will be holding the weight and sorrow of everyone in our land. I wanted you to have strong memories of what it is like to be the bug under the boot. Because now it is up to you to save them. For the past 10 years you have gained a beautiful mind and powerful morals. Now for the next ten years. I will teach you to be strong physical. You will learn to be stronger than me and then you will replace me."

    So what do you think of this girl?
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