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    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by Bunnii, May 8, 2013.

    How would you go about dscribing a transformation. By transformation I mean ones such as, sailor moon where the clothing changes and the said Character gains a weapon, that forms from a jewelry item that the charater is wearing. I wan't to go into to much detail, or should i ? Also how would you write somthing like this into first person ?, seeing as the rest of the story is in first person.
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    Well, I can't quite tell what this transformation is from your description...
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    Lol like an anime transformation?

    That's going to be really strange and hard to translate into novel form in a way that makes sense and looks as cute as they do in anime. You could just be like 'The sparkles turn into gloves on my hands..' and other items too.

    I suggest only going into detail one time and then just mentioning transformation...but then I ask, why do you want a 'henshin' anyway? There's really no need for it...anime only does it because it's visually appealing (Remember, in novel form you won't have catchy music and bright colours or sparkles...).

    I tried something like this when I was younger but then I realised, older, that I had to get more away from that whole 'magical' girl concept with transformations because it wouldn't just work in novel form. And anyone who has never watched a transformation from an anime may find it hard to imagine too.

    But hey, try describe one and see how it goes. Maybe watch a variety of them and try describe them as clearly as you can.

    Hope this helped :)
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    Exactly my thoughts.

    If it is a transformation not unlike sailor moon's then i would draw it since it can't be transfered accurately without visual aids and even more so in first person.
    Do you know anyone who would undergo a transformation and during that transformation would think something along the lines: "My skirt is getting shorter and changes color. My pigtails grow longer. I grow a tail. My skin changes color to purple. My earrings become bazookas and I am going to kick all their arses" ?

    If i had to guess, i would say that what you are looking for is something like this:
    "I felt the magic/energy/mana/cocaine/etc flow intensify inside me. It was grabbing tightly the fabric of reality and transforming it. My tattered clothes were replaced with pure white robes. The accumulated fatigue that made it hard to walk surrendered it's place to euphoria. The plain ivory earring on my right ear had taken the shape of a majestic scepter/spear/sword/fiddle/etc. Now I was ready for battle."

    This is a stupid example but you can tell us if it is in the spirit of your transformation or not.
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