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    trauma, 18th Century UK History

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Elgaisma, Sep 4, 2010.

    I could read a book or google but I am looking for local history buffs - sometimes wonderful delightful things are only known in a local area or by a select few:)

    I am writing a story in 1746 a lady by the name of Marjory Gilzean married Andrew Anderson of a Hanoverian regiment. It was against her families wishes.

    Between 1746-8 there is no record about where Marjory was until she came walking back into town, she appears to have had PTSD or experienced a great trauma that affected the balance of her mind. She arrived back carrying a small child. She brought him up in the ruins of the cathedral. That baby grew up to be an incredibly wealthy man, leaving a whopping great Institute in direct eyeline of the Lady Chapel where he had grown up.

    Any ideas for the trauma or where I can pretend she had been for those two years?

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