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    Trying to remember a series

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Cynglen, Aug 24, 2012.

    This is a long shot, but I've got ask if anyone can recognize what I'm trying to remember. I read it about 4-6 years ago. Oh, and spoiler alerts all around.

    When I was in middle school, I found a fantastic (at the time, at least) science fiction series in my school's library. I think it was somewhere between ten to fifteen books long, and followed a group of people (one real MC, but others came and went) who were launched into space on a space shuttle because an asteroid was going to hit the Earth. The first book was the event leading up to their launch, including a desperate attack at the launch pad by other people wanting to go aboard. When they launch, everyone is put into hibernation, and the next book picks up some centuries later when a giant alien space ship picks up the shuttle. As the MC and others wake up, they find a lot of people were killed either by life support failure, some sort of space mold, or being hit by micro-asteroids which pierced the ship and the sleeping people.

    The survivors emerge into a world seemingly composed of paintings, with lots of unique containing dramatically different colors and patterns than others. Turns out, the ship's sentient computer used images of Earth art stored on the shuttle to simulate what it thought was the human's native environment. One of the survivors is a military woman who was (I guess) pregnant when the shuttle launched, and her baby grew and became a semi-controlling, psych-type, arguably hostile thing which refuses to get detached from its mother. It comes in rather handy, though, when the aliens who were already on the ship--rather primitive technologically, as they didn't build the ship but just inhabit it--attack the humans and the woman/her baby fight them off. The humans then go around trying to figure out where they are/who the aliens are/whatever they can find.

    One of the humans did not go completely unconscious during the hibernation, and so after centuries of being trapped in his own mind, that guy becomes psychic and leads the humans to the control center of the ship. Somehow or other, they manage to send the ship back to Earth, where they find a dust-ridden world with again-primitive tribes of humans struggling to survive against mutated creatures, scarce resources, and inter-tribal conflicts. The details get fuzzy for me here, but one of the humans from the ship betrays the others and runs off with the ship, leaving the others behind to fend for themselves. Somehow, though, that guy ends up time traveling on the alien ship and crashes it into the Earth some decades before the original group arrives in the ship.

    In the end, the people use the crashed ship to revive the Earth's environment, start civilization over with the goal of growing it back into modern society, and make lots of babies.

    So, yeah, that's my synopsis of a series I know exists and I really want to remember the name/author of, but I can't for the life of me find any hints on the internet. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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