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    Uh-60/s-70 cockpit, take off procedure and more

    Discussion in 'Research' started by bustead, Aug 19, 2015.

    A few questions about S-70 choppers here.
    1. Does the first officer sits on the left side of the aircraft?
    2. What is the Army Aviation equivalent of ready five? From my very limited knowledge it is a naval aviation term but I don't know if it is used by the army.
    3. What is the takeoff procedure of a S-70/UH-60?
    4. If the fly-by-wire system failed, will the pilot instantly lose all control to his chopper or will he be able to conduct an emergency landing?
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    1: Pilot sits on the right side of the aircraft.

    2: To my knowledge 'Ready Five' is a Naval Aircraft Carrier term used as an Alert Condition where pilots must be 'Ready to launch in 5 minutes'. I'm not sure that the Army would have that same Alert, though I could be wrong.


    4: A quick google search comes up with some models DO have FBW, and that it can be switched off, so it sounds like they could possibly have some control in an emergency, obviously depending on what issue has arisen.

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