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    Unique Book: Cleaver

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Brandon_Trotter, Jun 13, 2010.

    I recently bought a book called Cleaver. I am not very far into this book yet but, I have already picked up some very unique writing in this book. The first and most amazing thing is the way the main character thinks/describes something, the book is literally written like his mind, which is constantly flip flopping over ideas, his past, his goals, what he see's; everything that your average human thinks about everyday is written exactly like they think it. But, the great thing about the very jumbled way it is written is it not confusing to read. It seems like writing a book in such a way would lose the reader instantly but, it is perfectly readable. The next great thing in this book is an amazing plot, which I don't want to spoil for any potential readers but, it is really compelling and it a very real situation in our society. Basically a big news reporter interviews a president rips him to shreds and gets a huge back lash that combined with his sons book forces him to flee to isolation, alone.

    Has anyone else read this book? Without spoiling it, what did you think? Has anyone else read a book that uses the flip flopping of thoughts to tell a story? If so, where, was it easy to follow? I think I read about the idea of writing a book this way on the forum not to long ago but, I am unable to find where I read it.

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