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    Unusual jobs

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Lady Amalthea, Jul 2, 2012.

    This is a game I learned in a creative writing class, and I thought was interesting. It goes like this: list three nouns and three verbs. Combine them however you like and create a unique job, for which you will then have to give a description. Like so:

    Nouns: Daffodyl, Giraffe, Ice cream.
    Verbs: Exterminate, Tame, Paint

    I can then create the unusual jobs "daffodyl tamer", "giraffe painter", and "ice cream exterminator", for which I have to provide descriptions. A daffodyl tamer is a person who has the difficult job of taming wild daffodyls, which can be particularly moody and irritable in the summer. A giraffe painter is an animal stylist who paints pet giraffes in the color of their owner's choice, thus making these loveable animals more fashionable. Finally, an ice cream exterminator has the very important mission to exterminate ice cream cones of every flavor, frustrating their evil plans to take over the world.

    So, arrange the words provided by the previous post, give the job description, and then give three nouns and three verbs for the next post.

    NO MEMBER MAY POST MORE THAN TWICE IN ANY TWENTY POST THREAD PAGE. Posts which violate this rul;e will be deleted. along with any posts that depend on that post.

    Now, I'll start:

    Nouns: turd, rabbit, silence
    Verbs: throw, annihilate, cultivate
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    Oslo, Norway
    A turd thrower is a professional excrement flinging competition entrant, usually in a local contest of the place's local team or an international tournament between the best of the best from each of the world's nations. Turds are thrown at targets at various distances, some that are still and some that move around. The winner of the annual World Turd Throwing Championship (WTTC) wins the prestigious Turdmonkey Award, a miniature sculpture made out of an alloy of gold and shit (yes, literally) manufactured by the world famous company Richard Turdson and Nephew, Inc.

    A rabbit cultivator is a person who grows rabbits in his or her back or front yard. A "rabbit" is the Jewish people's version of the peach fruit, but is slightly larger and with a harder "shell", and tastes and smells sweeter and saltier.

    A silence annihilator is a type of clown. Unlike many clowns who are very loud, silence annihilators are almost like mimes, though they often whisper, and use humour akin to that of both normal clowns and mimes. Spectators, usually children, need to be seated close to the silence annihilator and be in a reasonably small number in order to be able to hear the silence annihilators. They are seen by many as being exceptionally funny and witty.

    Nouns: chance, effect, war
    Verbs: crash, fly, entertain
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    A chance flier is the ones who are given the riskiest assignments in the military.

    The effective crash is a nickname for stuntman who are very effective at crash scenes. So much so they are the ones to admire and try to mirror.

    A fly war is when a group gathers together in big numbers to eliminate a pest species, such as parasitic beatles on a particular crop.

    Nouns: family, cat, storm
    Verbs: think, cry, sing

    (Phew this thread made me think! : )

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