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    Upcoming story idea... i had this from a dream

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by skibird17, May 14, 2008.

    Okay, so the other night I had this crazy dream, and I woke up immediately and put it down on paper, and it sort of turned into a story. it goes something like this, I suck at summaries:

    A girl is new at school and during her first few days she has a few slightly strange encounters with a group of seemingly troubled kids..
    then soon after, one night at a party, she wanders off into the woods alone, and is attacked by some sort of creature (i will make up a creature). one of the "strange" boys from earlier saves her but not quick enough, the creature has bitten her, and some of its is in her bloodstream now, giving her a few special powers (which she won't notice until a little while later)
    the boy calls his friends, and they take her to one of their houses. she then notices her powers (maybe like telekinesis or something along those lines) and the kids realize that she's become something like them... they are forced to explain that their ancestors had toyed with witchcraft and other magic, so much that it had altered their genes completely, and they all have powers. (obviously I will explain it better). they're not any special type of creature, they're just normal kids with special powers...
    So they take the girl in with them, help her learn to control her power(s)...

    I was thinking that maybe the teens have decided to use their powers for the greater good... I don't exactly know how, though. Does anyone have any ideas?

    That's about all I have so far. Does this make sense? It IS from a dream, so it might be way too far-fetched. Is it a good idea- would people read it? I know things like this seem to be a bit overdone these days, but I would try my hardest to keep this different..
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    Sounds exactly like a dream. I have lots of dreams which turn into short stories.
    Yes, it makes sense
    Yes, i think it would probably be a pretty good book and people would probably read it.
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    Nice! At first it did seem slightly cliche but I think this could work! It sounds exciting and I'm already wondering about their powers! Don't worry about whether others will read it or not. First and foremost, you should write for yourself and not for others. . . But I would totally read it...hehe.

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