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    Suggestion Usability Improvements

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Daniel, Jun 15, 2016.

    I've read a number of comments mentioning usability problems for various parts of the forum. I believe usability is critical, so I wanted to create this thread for any suggestions - be it features or site design - that could improve site usability.

    But more importantly, I want to identify what areas or functionality of the forum you think are difficult to use, understand, or find.

    A proposed solution isn't necessary, I'm most interested in identifying what issues you might be having while using the site.

    Here are usability issues and improvements already brought to my attention:

    Mobile Navigation
    - Floating Jump to Top

    Writing Contest
    - Make it easier to find announcements, recent winners, open voting (menu)
    - Make it easier to know when and how to vote (alerts, voting redesigned)
    - Make entries easier to read/track/vote (adjusting layout/display)

    Tracking Workshop Critiques
    - View the number of critiques given
    - Easily identify how many new threads you an create
    - Show a breakdown of where users typically critique, but forum
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    I'd suggest rearranging the right side bar.

    You know, with 'Last Posts', 'Last Articles',.. ie. the twitter updates don't make much sense, as of now we don't have someone in charge of twitter (I am not sure we need the twitter updates on the homesite at all). In contrast I have to scroll down a whole lot when I want to read recent status updates (I out myself here, I am addicted to spying on people ;) ). I'd also think that for people who do roleplaying their section is more important.

    Maybe rearrange and divide into two sections? One with: Posts, Workshop, Role Playing, Status -- and one other, set a bit apart: Blogs, Articles, Resources.

    Opinions on that?
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    Please! I've only just started using it on mobile (like, in the last week) and this is the one thing that's bugged me.

    I've also wondered if blogs need more visibility. I occasionally see an intriguing title in the blog box on the homepage, but other than that I don't see what people are posting, so I miss a lot of great blogs. I know I can click on the blogs tab but I'm in the habit of just browsing the forums. I don't know if it'd be possible to create a blog sub-forum, where a new blog post automatically generates a thread, and clicking it takes you to the post? That'd make the blogs feel more part of the forum than an add-on.

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