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    Using the Character Development Sub-Forum.

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Writing Forums Staff, Apr 13, 2014.

    When using the Character Development sub-forum, remember to have specific questions in mind. Posts to the tune of "Is this character believable/interesting?" give the forum members little to go off of when responding since every character is believable/interesting when executed by a deft hand.

    When responding to posts in this area, remember that even the most experienced and knowledgeable of us started at the beginning. Please be constructive in your answers and address the question. In other words, respond the way you would like to be responded to, had the question been your own.
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    Characterization and a well-crafted plot building is the vital essence in building an enriching fiction and hooking your readers to it. This is rather difficult from the point of view of a writer.
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    At first i thought that it was difficult to do but i started building my knowledge on the subject and have even applied some of these techniques in my own writing
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    I find this very helpful. Thankyou
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    It's a perennial question with enough schools of thought on the topic to open universities the likes of Cambridge and Oxford to house all those schools under one meandering umbrella.

    If you come with this question, there is one utterly crucial fact you need to include as part of your question, else you are going to get competing ideas that may very well not apply to your story at all.

    What is your story's POV?

    If your story is in 1st person vs 3rd person omniscience vs 3rd person limited vs 3rd person deep, the logically plausible answers that can be given are going to be very, very different for each.

    Save yourself some time and headache and wading through answers that not only contradict one another, but don't even seem to be talking about the same thing, and just include that tidbit so that the answers can at least make sense to the structure of your story.

    Think of it this way: If you go to a forum that deals with software and computers and indicate you are having a problem with a piece of software, the forum denizens are going to firmly stop you and ask that you tell them what version of the software is being used, what kind of computer, and what operating system. Without that information, answers are at best shots in the dark, and at worst utterly meaningless to you. Same deal here.

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