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    Viking Raids

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Dagolas, Sep 23, 2014.

    Viking Raids
    The year is 830 AD. The vikings, a general term for all scandinavian invaders, are launching raids over Scotland, Greenland, America, Germany, Russia and Saxony, and nearly all the rest of the world.

    These ruthless invaders have a clear goal: total conquest. One day, a group of Vikings is issued to invade Saxony by king Halfdan the Black of the house of Yngling. The RP starts as a group of 30 vikings (which the player is part of) arrive to the coast of Scotland in a longboat.

    Players will have the opportunity to travel all over the world invading, though for now we'll concentrate on Saxony.


    As a viking, you'll have a skillset including

    Everyone starts out with ten points for each category.

    Magical Skills- Covered underneath since quite complex

    Combat- Everyday fighting techniques, weapons, hand to hand, etc.

    At level 10 combat you can specialize in:
    -Bow and Arrow
    -Atgeir (glaive)
    -Knifr/seax (knife)
    -Sword (In the viking age, owning a sword is a VERY high honour and usually reserved for members of the nobility or very high class: a sword would cost 20 cows or so at the time, so about the price of a modern-day quite cheap car)

    Skills- Everyday skills that anyone can learn with some time and effort. (Tracking, hunting. You can also better your pillaging skills, since with level 0 pillaging you won't find gold or anything when raiding villages)

    -Elf (pretty much Tolkien ones). Beautiful beings, all women, who have magic powers.
    -Dwarves (Tolkien)
    -Cofgods: Deities who act as absolute servants to their masters. The group in this RP will have a cofgod with them to clean up and distribute rations.
    -J├Âtnar: Massive humanoid giants covered in beards and fur who are fearsome adversaries
    -Mares: Small goblin like creatures which torment humans during their nightmares and attack them during the day.


    In viking lore, a Seidhr is the viking equivalent of a warlock. Seidhrs can harness general magical abilities linked to a certain god (The god doesn't matter all that much tbh)

    Like if you are a seidhr who worships Thor, you can use thunder/electricity magic.


    Here is a useful list of gods. You don't have to have an offensive ability: a seidhr can worship loki to trick people more easily, for example.

    You get:
    Three starter gods of your choosing and 60 points to spend between them (20 points in something is basic knowledge, 40 is quite adept. At 40 in Thor you could probably start shooting electricity out of your hands and such.


    Combat will be done with an online random number generator. Varying from 0 to 20, you'll roll first to know which body part of the enemy is hit, and how much damage you do. You also must roll for your enemy, and see how much damage you get. The viking world is dangerous!


    Name: (http://babynames.net/all/old-norse here are some popular Old Norse names and their meanings.)
    Age: (Life expectancy is about 30 years, keep in mind)
    Origins: (Noble or viking peasant. This might sound like it sucks, but noblemen do get issues too, so don't just take noble since you'll start with more money.)
    Magic (50 points on 3 Gods):
    Starter Weapons:
    Starter Clothing:

    Everyone starts with 5 coins, + 5 if noble. (In the viking age vikings used the weight of coins to determine value rather than today's system of the coins being worth something they're not. Like an american quarter dollar or 10 pence aren't even worth that, both are worth practically nothing to make.) We'll just organize it into 3 types for the sake of organization:

    1. Submit your CS's to GM (Dagolas) by PM for acceptance.
    2. I'm GM, my word is law.
    3. No godmodding.
    4. No character controlling (unless authorized if RPer goes on holiday or something)
    5. No time skips unless agreed by others and moving countries.
    6. Your character can die. If he dies, you can just take control of an NPC viking or make a new one! It's not the end of the world. A pointer: vikings had a lot of children and at the age of about 14, so most of your characters will have children who can take over if they die, giving them all the money they amassed and their gear.
    7. Vikings DID rape, but please, if it happens, don't go into detail.
    8. Vikings are quite roudy, insult other player's characters if you want to but NEVER insult OOC
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    The Windy City
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    The oars beat down again on the ocean, sending splashes of water, geysers of foam, into the air. The water was welcome to the men, who had been rowing all day and all night. The muscles in their arms bulged, they spat and grimaced as they put every inch of their strength into the effort of rowing.

    The longship was moving quickly, too. The muscles in Hagen's arms bulged as the oars were brought down again, sweat glistened on his forehead and chest. His wet hair and beard blew in the wind, a breeze the rowers ignored. Scandinavia was much colder, they had brought furs with them but those had quickly been shed.

    Hagen was at the front of the longship, of course. The red and white stripes on the sail blew above them, announcing their coming to the enemy. It wouldn't be long now before they landed on the shores of the Kingdom of the Picts. Then, they would move down to Saxony, and then all of Europe. Glory to our king!

    Finally, Hagen dropped his oars and got up.
    "Men, we have worked well today. I say that now, we eat! For our good progress, let us now feast!"

    This was met with cheers, and the men got up and went to the barrels of salted fish, pork, and mead.
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    A flood of mead washed down Einar's throat, before he took a chunk out of the salted pig meat. Staring at the pork, he remembered the day long ago, when the iron clad, Pagan slaughtering Christians came upon his village and chopped his family to bits. But it had been so long, that the flashbacks were distorted. After every flashback now, Einar would imagine inflicting horrible sadism upon the Christians, warriors or not.

    Rage filled Einar's heart, and he drank down the rest of his mead to calm himself, before biting viciously into his pork chop. Perhaps his grudge was why he had become the warrior he was today.
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    Hagen sat down next to Einar. He was perhaps the most capable fighter on this boat, since the King had only given Hagen a handful of newly bled soldiers. This summed up the King's opinion of this journey.
    "We'll hit the land of the Picts soon enough, then we'll be down in Saxony," he told Einar.

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