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    What do Non-Fiction Manuscripts look like?

    Discussion in 'Non-Fiction' started by Sarah Naidoo, Aug 22, 2021.

    So, I'm a fiction writer who noticed a small space in the market for a non-fiction guidebook. I want to continue with the project and I'm really excited about the research and writing aspect, however, I'm a little confused about what exactly a non-fiction manuscript looks like.

    The book I want will require a lot of graphs and tables, as well as images and color-coding within the text. Should these be added to the manuscript I will send to publishers or are these aspects tended to at a later stage?
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    Aug 4, 2021
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    If you know what publisher(s) to whom the manuscript will be sent (only one at a time) ask them what they want in your submission.

    That's what I'd do here, in the US. Expectations of publishers might be different in South Africa, so asking would still be appropriate.

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