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    what do you look for when you're taking a writing workshop?

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by juherz, Dec 7, 2011.

    I've participated in a couple of writing workshops (both online) in the past, and after that I started running some online writing groups. This ended up evolving into workshops that I'd run online. This was a really fun procedure -- creating writing challenges for people, and providing them with feedback, encouraging their creative process. It was a really satisfying work... and I discovered that helping others write is something that comes quite naturally for me. And from the feedback I've received, I seem to be good at it.

    So now I'm starting to develop writing workshops that I'd like to run in person, in Montreal, where I'm living. There's lots that I want to share from my own experience, and I feel that I have a unique approach ... but while I'm clear on what I'd like to give, I'm not actually clear on what people are looking for when they are seeking out workshops.

    So I thought I'd put the question to the forum: WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A WRITING WORKSHOP? What's awesome? What helps? What's boring? What sucks?

    And then there's an added obstacle I'm facing: I've only been published in a rather small way (some short stories, regular writing for an online newsletter, some healing arts websites)... I don't exactly have a big book under my belt. So how do I convince people that what I have to offer is good? I feel I can offer something more interesting than most writing workshops -- a lot of these tend to be somewhat "trapped" and "stagnant"... whereas I feel what I can offer is a little more spontaneous and alive. Well that's what I think (maybe I'm being arrogant!) but if I say so, will people believe me?

    I'm asking a lot of questions ... because these things are burning in my mind. Something has activated in me, and it's driving me to give this a shot. But I lack experience. Has anyone out there engaged with this? I'd be really grateful for insights and responses.

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    I've been thinking lately along the same lines because I can't find any writing groups in my area. But I'm interested in starting something informal -- more like a collective -- for sharing and critiquing each others' work, talking about challenges, keeping each other on task, as it were.

    Of course, this doesn't answer your question. I'll have a think and get back to you. I will say that your relative inexperience is not necessarily an obstacle. Publication is publication. But, I suppose, it also depends on whether you plan to charge for your services (you may want to start with a no-pay, informal kind of arrangement and see how it goes? Get some word of mouth going?). In the end all you can do is give it a try. Build it and see if they come!

    p.s., it may help if you expounded here on what you think you have to offer. This information may help us give more useful answers to your questions.

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