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    Oct 19, 2017
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    What does freelance day to day look like?

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by AliceOrb, Oct 19, 2017.

    Hello WF.org people!

    I have had a sort of huge love for writing over the last week. I know.. "one week?!" you're all saying. But I wanted to talk a little bit and open a dialogue.

    If you're a freelance writer, what does your day to day look like? How do you truly earn enough income to survive?
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    Nov 2, 2017
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    Hi there!

    I am a freelance writer and editor; I dabble in graphic design as well. I started freelance work in 2012, but backed away while pursuing education in a different field. I just recently returned, with desire to do it full-time. While I'm still new, this is what I've learned so far:
    Freelance work full-time IS possible, but isn't the most stable for the majority of people. Even if you're well-established, you never know when things will slow down. And that's the other thing- being established. It will take a LONG time to build a client database, an impressive portfolio, and make a good reputation for yourself. You have to be prepared for the grind. By that, I mean be prepared to work, work, work on that aspect until you've established yourself. Then it slows, not quite as much promotion and such involved, but that element never really stops. The other big aspect is multi-tasking and being organized. Yes, it is a more flexible position in some regards, but you must be willing and able to juggle multiple projects at once, meet deadlines, offer revisions and maintain customer service/satisfaction, and still take time to promote yourself. It's fun, and a bit chaotic.

    Do you have any more specific questions? I may be able to answer some.

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