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    What have you learned?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by DanesDarkLand, Sep 20, 2012.

    I am starting this thread by saying thank you to the various contributors who post their work, their questions, and their critiques. I am also thanking the various staff members, and bloggers that help the newbies, like me :), to become better writers.

    What have I learned? With some help from a few nice people, including an exasperated Cognito who must think "Not this question again!" time and again, I have learned that this site is not for complete reviews, critiques, or edits of our work. This site is to help us self edit, and be able to step back and critique our own work to a point that the piece will be readable and enjoyable in your chosen genre.

    What else have I learned? Don't be quick to post your work without actually reading it. If something in your piece is poking you in the eye, so to speak, then it will do the same to others. Make any corrections you already notice, and when you think you have a workable draft, step back and critique it ruthlessly. Then post.

    What else have I learned? If I am going to critique, I will show respect to others, and to the original writer by reading the entire piece, no matter how hard it is to push through. Why? It makes the critique more valuable, and your opinion more informed. If you don't read the whole piece, how will you know if you haven't missed the meat of the story, but was stuck eating the Brussels sprouts?

    Finally, I've learned that each critique is written from a person's point of view, and their style. Their opinion is just that, an opinion. Examine each critique, read the piece again, and find out whether the opinion has merit. Don't argue with the opinion. You asked for it when you posted the work in the first place. Don't be offended that they didn't pat you on the head and say something like "Good boy!" , or great job! Some people will like your work , and others won't.

    I am saying thank you to those who gave me what I needed, not necessarily what I wanted.

    Edit - This is also an ongoing process. Thks DefMybe
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    For me I think it's what I'm learning, not what I've learned. Too far to go to put any past on it :)

    I also thank everyone who contributes. here.
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    Good thread!
    I'm learning not to neglect my characters - in stories past I tended to favor action over my characters - and just
    sort of cattle hearded them from one scene to another. I'm learning to finish stories ( a huge step for me. ) To be careful
    while critiquing as I have my own style - and not to force someone to conform to my style. I'm coming to understand critiquing is
    helping me more than I though it would - it's not only easier to spot grammatical mistakes in a work that I haven't re-read
    until I've practically memorized but I can learn how stories go awry. To me this is the most important - as
    all the correct grammer in the world won't help a floundering story.

    I still have a long way to go grammer wise.
    But I'm definitely more open to critique and not just dismissing it.

    I too, thank everyone who participates! Especially those that post their work.
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    If there's one thing I've learned here, it's "just f****ing write it!" There's no better advice for someone like me :) And thank you, everyone, for making this site so awesome!

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