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    Freelance What kind of credit should I get?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Caligirl47, May 19, 2014.

    I've been hired to write an e-book. It's kind of a how-to and the person who hired me put together the outline and general layout and I am writing the core content.

    I am getting (under)paid, but most important to me right now is getting a credit. However, I'm not sure what credit to ask for. It's not strictly a by-line because she's providing things. Would it be co-author? Would we put "By her and me" ??

    Thank you!
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    the usual is a 'with' credit... normally, a ghostwriter [which is what you are] doesn't get any cover credit, but since you are not being paid at the full rate for ghostwriting, being given the proper cover credit is a standard alternative... you should also ask for a percentage of royalties...

    how much are you being paid?... what kind of how-to is it and what do you estimate the total word count will be?

    i've done some ghostwriting and collaborative writing, will be happy to send you samples of the contracts i use for each, and help you through the process, if you like...

    love and hugs, maia

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