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    What Kind of Investigative Career Would Suit Him?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by isaac223, Mar 31, 2017.

    As I started taking notes of the first of a series of murder mystery short stories starring Ernis Blythe, I slowly began to realize that even if I do have the entire mystery planned out, I'll need to figure out what actual career he pursues to give him and his methods internal consistency, even if it gets minimal focus (a realization that was, admittedly, belated.)

    Ernis notes that he has a conflicting sense of respect but distaste for legal practices. He admired investigators in the books due to their ability to influence the legal system from a remote area without being too close with the court at all and having to be too friendly with attorneys or prosecutors, who he noted he dislikes from an old bias that persisted through enlightenment concerning the subject.

    If he wished to be able to reasonably influence legal proceedings without being too closely knit with the pursuers of legal practices, which subset of the investigative career would suit him? And, if you may, could you provide information on how they operate, even if its small amounts of information.
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    might I suggest either googling different investigative careers and different jobs in law enforcement.
    also perhaps even ask a detective or cop what jobs might be around that is like that.

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