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  1. Jimfoxx

    Jimfoxx Member

    Jun 2, 2011
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    What makes your villain bad a$$?

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Jimfoxx, Jun 5, 2011.

    I just thought this would be fun to get to know eachother's villains.
    So here's what you do, just put the name and what make's your villain awesome or a fierce enemy. It can be appearance, abilities, or anything else.

    I'll start

    • Lethal claws able to tear one to shreds
    • Battle scars indicating tenacity or invulnerability
    • He's a talking kangaroo
    • Twice the size of an average male kangaroo and like 10 times as strong
    • Signature move: Fatal Kick, can easily cause fatal internal damage
    • Completely lacks pity or remorse
    • He commands a mob of powerful red kangaroos
  2. LucifersAngel

    LucifersAngel Member

    Jul 13, 2011
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    Hmm. That sounds rather intriguing. Cool.

    Okay. I have an idea for a villain for my second installment in my series. If I ever get good enough to finish my first book.

    Name: Azuriel.

    Strengths: Razor sharp teeth to eat flesh/prey.
    Mind Controlling abilities.
    Genius. Planning to overtake what's left of the world.
    Ability to see someone's future.

    Weakness: Attachment to protege, beginning to make him weak and soft hearted.

    What he is: Part human, part Angel. Consumed with the idea that he is superior to humans and therefore is their rightful master.

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