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    what type of fiction is this?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by aguywhotypes, Apr 22, 2014.

    I just got done watching this:

    what type of genre would you call this? Slice of Life?

    I'm just a rank beginner at this writing thing but I know this is the type of story I want to write. I just love this!

    I've been reading lots of books on novels and fiction and thinking of the long story when I really think I want to write short stories. I get easily overwhelmed and a full size novel seems insurmountable to me, but a short story like this seems possible.

    can someone point me in the direction of what I need to know and learn to write this type of story?

    From my own observations, setting and characters I think would be extremely important. I also think that a small town setting is a must. Why? People who live in a small town tend to kind of know each other and talk to each other at the places of business. I lived in a small town called Westcliffe, CO and yes it's real, just a dot on Google maps right next to Silver Cliffe and I remember that when we went through the checkout at the grocery store our cashier wouldn't give us our receipt until my wife and I gave her a hug! (My wife had worked with her previously)... small town life just doesn't get any better!

    What is the conflict? the problem of how are going to save the fishing cabin, correct? or that was at least the protagonists goals, yes?

    I get so tired of people getting killed, shock factor in books , etc etc I love the innocence behind it all, that is what I want to write.

    If anyone could help me to move on and point me in to the next step that would be most helpful

    Thank you

    p.s. I did also notice, not sure if this would be necessary to every short story in the series, but how he starts out with the problem with the cabin and what they want to do.. is this the hook? because then when he went off then to talk about the chatterbox cafe and the water and the smell, then he jumped from there to childhood memories triggered by the smell of burnt toast.. I'm listening thinking.. I wonder what will happen to the ice fishing cabin.. then he comes back to that full circle to give the result.

    My other observation is how he made the event of saving the fishing cabin seem so real like an everyday event.. like this would actually happen.. but when you think about it.. stuff like that doesn't happen.

    just so refreshingly great!
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    keillor is considered a 'homespun humorist'... a la the late, great will rogers...

    they do tend to ramble, when telling a story...

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