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    Where Can I Find a Critique Partner?

    Discussion in 'Revision and Editing' started by S-wo, Aug 14, 2018.

    I was suggested by someone successful to get a critique partner for my novel and was also told that I need to be careful with getting a critique partner. I need someone who critiques plot structure along with character development. I finished my first draft of my novel and this second draft will have a lot of revisions. I think this first edit I want to just do on my own, but it was suggested that I start looking now. Where can I find these partners? I feel weird about having it through online means only. I don't know what the person looks like or their real name. It's just... it's just unsettling.
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    I can't advise you on finding critique partners IRL (due to lack of knowledge from my part), but if you do decide to give an Internet buddy a go you could turn to our Collaboration sub-forum and post a request there.
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    Why don't you just have this successful person you know give you a critique? Unless telling you to go find one was a brush off. You've been a member here for a long time. Surely, you have come across other members you would be okay swapping writing with for feedback, no? If not, I think becoming a more active member on the forum will help you figure out who you click with and who might be a good person to seek feedback from. Also, I wouldn't necessarily put any sort of demands or expectations on a critique partner. They are doing this for free. You're going to get the feedback they want to give for the most part. If you're not feeling like you've found someone here, I would suggest advertising the skills you have as a critique partner since you have to attract them just as much as you want them to attract you. This is a partnership after all.
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    I don't see any reason to be picky because it's not easy to find help and you never know who will give you a great critique.
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    You might be able to find a writers' group near where you live? It's tough to find someone you click with, though, and the net is smaller when you look irl rather than online. You have better odds of finding a compatible parter by trawling forums like this one or maybe groups on facebook or twitter.

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