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    Where do I go now?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by k.imwalle, Oct 16, 2012.

    I am working on a dystopian romance right now. I am in the process of doing my chapter summaries and I am stuck.

    Okay so far I have introduced my characters and their love relationship. The guy in the relationship has been taken away because he has been drafted in a 'bogus' war that actually is not what it appears to be, and the town that the girl is in is going to be surprised attacked by bombs very soon. Obviously the girl is sad that her loved one is gone... but where should I go with this before the bombs come? Or should I just have the bombing occur right away? Please help!
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    What's the item that causes her enough conflict that forces her to change? That'll be your key point in the story/novel/screenplay, and what follows is the tension she feels (internal or external) to overcome that conflict. In the end of the story, how's she changed due to the process? That's called a story arc (no condenscension meant-it's hard to get the tone right while typing) and will drive your story to it's logical climax.

    My best suggestion of work on the story arc and do some research on the topic also. If you want, I can point you in the direction of where to look. :)

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    Your story. You're driving. It's up to you to choose the route.

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