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    Who here has read the "Uglies" series? If not, don't read this

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by kärlek, Aug 23, 2012.

    I recently finished "Specials". It's a good series. Not fantastic in my opinion, but definitely a good read, one I could see myself picking up again and re-reading sometime in the future. However, I noticed something in the final book which makes think the author may have overlooked a very important plot point. As we know by the second book, David's parents had found the cure for the lesions and it worked on everybody who'd undergone an operation, whether it be the pretty operation or even the special operation. But if Dr. Cable was the one who originated the operation for specials, then why would the cure work on her? She was one of the progenitors of the operation and so she couldn't have undergone the operation herself. If she hadn't, then why would she have the lesions that cause her to feel an aggressive superiority to everyone else?

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