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    Will this climax be plausible in modern times?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, Aug 31, 2015.

    I was thinking of having the third act of my story (a battle between the police and villains), happen like in a western, accept it's not a western a lot has changed in modern times. Basically in my story the cops are angry at the gang because the gang got away with murdering an officer, and the cops do not have enough proof, but at the same time, they want to put the gang out of commission.

    Now the kind of ending I want would go like this, like in this clip from Open Range at 1:55 minutes in.

    Now if you have that in modern times with the cops one side, approaching the gang from the other at a place they arranged to find the gang, would that work? Or do people have modern times have such a different mentality, that you cannot use a western influenced ending like that?
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    I am no expert and I am on my phone so I can't see the video clip but I think I get what you are asking.

    Now. Terms like, theme, tone, style. I am pretty sure they have more true definitions than I may be using them in. So sorry if I am or this is confusing as such.

    Sometimes movies or media thrive on having a feeling or tone. A western I think is an example of that. Which it relays on being consistant. So if you media has the other feeling. Changing the feeling in the thir act for no sound reason is a bad idea.

    It would be like a very talkitive/dailogue heavy thinking movie sudden shut up and starting just throwing effects at you. People that liked the beginning are going to feel it is a different movie and not like it. People that like th end probably are going to be bored before then.

    It sounds to me like you saying "I want this deep thinking movie but in the end. I am going to just through explosions at the screen!"

    Me personally? I don't approve.

    Though there is times when this can be good. "Man on Fire" is a movie that I think does something like this kind of well. The beginning is talking and then the end is action but that is the point. A peaceful man driven to war.

    Also, a movie fousing on the battle of good and evil is obviously going to swtich from the perspectives of good and evil. This again I think is fine. But in these cases the point is shifting the tone.

    Giving the end an action style ending just because you think it is cool I think is bad. You need to have a point for this change.

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