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    Word length for an online course?

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Magnatolia, Feb 14, 2014.

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure if this is the right area of the forum, but I'm currently drafting up a personal development/confidence course, aiming for about six months in total. I'm wondering what is a reasonable word length for this? They won't be getting information daily but will have a heavy daily regime to follow. I was thinking 20-30,000 words? Averages about 4-5,000 per month.

    Currently written about six thousand, and I'm pretty happy with the result so far. My plan is to make it really practical with lots of self-exploration and detailed tracking to make sure the participant is on the right path. Plus if I change my mind and go down a book path then the content will just need to be rearranged a bit. The course options appeals to me for a couple of reasons. One is that it is more financially viable than an ebook, although this will require extensive marketing. And two, it prevents the participant from jumping ahead and missing the fundamentals.

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    i don't see word length as being in any way an issue, in creating a course...

    but if you intend for it to be a how-to book, aftwarwards, i suggest you just go to your nearest bookstore or library and look over similar how-tos, to see how they're structured and what their word count averages out to...

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