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    Work hard, work harder

    Discussion in 'Publisher Discussion' started by Jeremy Corwin, Dec 30, 2019.

    Like most of us on here, I have been writing and writing more and more little by little. I have self-published my first novel and have the second one waiting to be edited (which I can't afford) and am almost done with number three. However, I have been searching for a publishing house that accepts unsolicited manuscripts that I can submit. There are plenty, but not many are accepting any at this time. I really just want to write more. I have at least 45 book ideas waiting for me to tackle but feel like I'm wasting my time unless I can get past all this nonsense. I will continue to write because I enjoy it, but it is hard to keep motivated until I finally get my chance which (God willing) I will get.
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    I think that if you generally stick to a process you'll get a few doors open. I think it's: write, send to beta readers, edit, submit. Sometimes you have to repeat the last two though.
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