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    Workshop Threads and the Revision Process

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by urban_rae, Nov 12, 2011.

    I am new to navigating forums, so please forgive me if my suggestion is not relevant. Or if there is some easier way to address my issue please let me know.

    For Threads in the Workshop I wish that we could redirect people to the newest version located in later posts. This way the new reviewer does not have to scroll through the entire thread to find out where the latest version is posted. Maybe there are 3 or 4 revisions and the thread is 60 posts long. It takes a lot of time and effort for someone new to the thread to figure out which version they should read.

    I was thinking that there could be a link on the first post that says something like, ‘Newest Version please review this’ and then it will be linked to the post containing the latest version that the author wants people to review. The author can continue to update the link as they post new versions.

    As it stands, I cannot even edit the original post to include a message that there is a newer version I would like people to review instead. With no indication, people are reading the first post without even looking for the revision. This is not very helpful if I’m already three revisions out. The reviewer took their time to write a critique, but it is practically irrelevant if they wrote up the wrong version. If we want the thread to be an integral tool in the revision process then people will need to be able to find revision posts with no effort.

    Maybe I am over thinking this, is there some other standard method that is used?

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