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    Writing and what makes you comfortable

    Discussion in 'By the Genre' started by afrodite7, Feb 26, 2013.

    -Recently,I started writing more poetry,short stories,fanfics ,etc.I found out that for some reason,I find that I have a preference for writing stories that are dramatic (or melodramatic,it varies) and sometimes even 'gritty' and specifically urban (in the city,I live in the city so...) type works.I somehow find myself comfortable writing characters in messed up positions

    -example being a short story I wrote about a street racer affiliated with the yakuza and found his lover cheating on him.Went to a recording studio and started a shoot out because of it and winds up in prison...and is essentially having the people involved in his arrest assassinated from prison.

    -another example is another short story about a guy who meets a girl at a bar and is going to sleep with her but changes her mind and just takes her home.her boyfriend killed her the next day.

    -how common is this?

    -also,what kinds of works do you feel comfortable writing? Do you think it reflects on you as a writer?
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    I don't understand the first part of your question. Are you asking whether those examples are common or original as ideas, or if leaning towards writing stories of a specific kind is?
    Every writer has a comfort zone (every person for that matter) and usually their work revolves around settings, characters and situations within that zone. If you have grown up reading mostly fantasy/science fiction/heroic fiction books then it is only natural that you will feel more comfortable writing such stories than horror stories for example. It all depends on what you want to write. There was never a writer (as far as i know) out there who was equally good at every kind of literature/theme. Though there are some that are equally bad. Don't force yourself to write about stuff you don't want to write about. Unless you are getting paid to.
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    I feel comfortable writing a little bit of everything but i am especially comfortable writing short stories because i have a specal process that i follow when i write them.
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    I like fantasy. I write fantasy. Nothing wrong with that.

    Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone. I tend to revisit the same themes again and again, so when I notice it, I try to take it into a completely different direction. It may be daunting, but the result will probably be a lot more interesting than the original.
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    occasionally Oz , mainly Canada
    I was surrounded by guys growing up. Dysfunctional guys - which is why my fiction doesn't lean towards
    chick-fic and why most of my stories are full of men not women. Every time I watch a chic-flick and see
    groups of women gathered, having tea and chatting - I can't really relate.

    It used to worry me - my subjects - revenge, anger, loneliness but I'm sort of okay with them, now.
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    Czech Republic
    I think is quite common to read a story where something happens that nobody could influence or predict, but this kind of twist is easier to make and brings up these weird emotions anyway, makes me feel that I understand what he couldn't, well but its not cool!

    I feel comfortable if I have made up smooth plot, just filling it out, no worries about if its ok or not. Thats why I thought I will write only super long books like 1000 pages long, but then I realised that nobody would pass it through, so I do 25 000 words and have to think about something special for every chapter. It would be easier to put in like any kind of myself, but I like to teach me about best stuff and if I can do "my best" without considering a book as my mom I can cry and be sad near her, it is the best for all of us.
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    Coquille, Oregon
    how common is what?... are you asking if your story ideas are common?... or if what you say happens in them is common in real life?... or if your feeliing comfy writing about such character types is common among writers?

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