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    Writing Software

    Discussion in 'Software' started by Space_Goose, Mar 2, 2010.


    I was surfing around looking for a Microsoft Word template and stumbled across a website which listed both free and not free novel and story writing software. I was just curious if anyone uses any writing software (besides ordinary word processing software such as Word and Word Perfect) and if you think programs like these are useful. The most popular free one appears to be yWriter 5. I watched a video tutorial of yWriter 5 on you tube and to be honest. I have absolutely no idea why someone would use this program. Even the woman who was given the tutorial admitted that she doesn't use it for writing just for organizing and making out lines. She also admitted that she creates these out lines in note books first and then transfers them to this program. I just don't understand the point.

    Anyway, just curious if you guys use anything like this and which one if any you found useful.

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