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    Writing the script

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by khawlaazwar, Sep 10, 2014.

    I'm happy to say that I'm started to use the technology very well.

    I live in India, there are many shows available on radio where you can find good, creative and very funny stories. I know it is very hard to write the scripts for which you have to write constantly in very creative way!

    Generally, short audios like this is just about 2 -3 minutes only, but very creative also. Most have same formula for making it. Fixed starter and fixed ending. But huge creative differences from one audio script to another. And, they use current topics very well to make audio very attractive.

    I want to use words and voice. And, really have good plan for making such audio clips to offer great entertainment.

    But, I'm just getting little bit confused.

    Please help me for following issues.

    1 How to choose characters?
    2 How to give the names to the characters?
    3 How to make them more funny?
    4 Which kind of characters offers very wide scope for writing?
    5 How to use themes for writing.
    6 How we can include current (national/international) issues for drafting the 2 minute story?

    I've decided some characters in mind, but first want to discuss your ideas.


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