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    YAMT: Yet Another Magic Theory, Episode 1

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by TedM, Jan 20, 2009.

    Welcome to Yet Another Magic Theory. I'm just a kid experimenting with writing, I'd like to talk about some magic theory. Magic to me, or course, is fiction. Because it is fiction we can edit it. Sort of like Wikipedia, everything you say becomes fact.

    I'll start off simple, with classic magic theory.
    Now note, my word is not law, you can change this, I don't really care if you don't agree with what I say, but you can tell us in the comments. I myself like to focus on the concept of humans and magic, not on trolls and fairies and such.

    Well here's some classic theory. There are a couple, just because they are short.

    Magic is a substance. It is neutral, not evil, nor nice. Some people are born with the ability to control this substance. They, in a way, have a sixth sense that allows them to control what we can only imagine. Magic effects everyone. Magic is an art form that must be learned. Like mathematics, magic can be divided into different subjects. It's divided like math would be into geometry and algebra, while both are math, they are both extremely different.

    Some people are born with different types of this "gift". While some people might specialize in magic that is designed to kill or pierce, and some can heal better.

    a) [Based on the Eye of the World, not exact] Magic is divided into 5 different elements. Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Spirit. Magic can be combined. For example, the warm air and hot air being forced together can make a sort of tornado, killing everyone in sight. It would not be hard to use a little bit of spirit to guide earth and water to heal an open wound. There are two sides to magic, the male and female sides. While female sides are generally weaker, water and air shine above the males water and air. The male side has a stronger earth and fire.

    b) [Based on the Sword of Truth] Magic is divided into two major categories, Additive and Subtractive magic. Additive can add things, like the ability to grow a beard by creating new hair. The Subtractive side does the opposite and could shrink the beard by removing hair particles.

    Additive magic, if used in fighting could create fire, or perhaps an piercing power. For healing, Additive could add new skin and blood to a wounded body. Subtractive magic could be used in fighting to wipe the person from existence. In healing, Subtractive magic could literally remove the arrow stuck in the middle of a body, making the rest of the healing (with Additive) possible.

    c) [Based on the Balgariad] If born with the right ability, a wizard could use energy gathered from the objects around you, including people, to do anything. While possible to give yourself extreme strength by pushing your arms with magic, this magic could be used to do anything from shape shifting to running faster.

    d) Wizardry is a study of science. Essentially, magic is moving elements without the use of our bodies. A wizard has a wand, usually just a stick, but could be anything from gold metal to a finger. A wizards wand does not necessarily give the person the ability to use magic, but gives them an enhancing point. Wizardry has many different spells. Some are easy and can be done on the spot with the flick of a wrist and a simple word. Some are harder though, requiring hours or days or weeks of work where one must draw complicated spell forms in different orders using lots of ingredients and complicated words in different languages.

    That's it for Episode one, classical magic.
    If this idea was taken or based on a book, it is marked in the [] tags. I encourage everyone to share your ideas, and I ask that you include a little thing on whether or not I could include it in a new episode. So please, comment on this topic on what your opinion on magic is, and what you think about these templates.


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