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    You know how you feel the presence of people after they die?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by nhope, May 16, 2014.

    But after a few years it isn't so strong?

    What do you think that means?

    Do they hang around for you, or because they are in denial, or do they just want to hover for a bit?

    When you don't feel their presence as strongly, does that mean you have moved on, or that they have?

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    It's a psychological phenomenon often found in grief. It isn't uncommon for the bereaved to even see the deceased loved one, hear them around the house or spot them outside, especially in early stages of grief. It's thought to be the brain misinterpreting various sensory stimuli, in order to provide relief from missing them so much. Typically, these diminish with time, as the grief is resolving. But it isn't uncommon to occasionally feel their presence many years later. What is the exact cause, and whether there is such a thing as ghosts or spirit energies, which some people can see and feel, I don't know, but from a medical standpoint, this is the explanation. Death isn't the end of a relationship.
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    it's probably just the wishful thinking/feeling of the grieving person who is not yet accepting of the loved one's death...

    then again, it could also be that the 'spirits' of the dead do loiter, after they leave their corporeal selves... there's really no way to prove that doesn't happen, after all...

    anyone who's ever had an eeg done [as i have], will know for a fact that their brain waves can be captured and measured just as radio waves can... and, since radio waves can be transmitted and received, so can brain waves...

    since 'thoughts' are basically brain waves, then so can they... and, since they are a form of 'energy' and energy has been proven to be incapable of being destroyed totally, can only be 'transformed,' then our 'mind' which is, in effect, our thoughts and the entire 'data base' of the brain, can also not be destroyed, but only 'transformed'... so, while the body will 'die' and disintegrate, what happens to all that mental energy that can't?... makes a good case for 'ghosts' and even reincarnation, imo!
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