Back-End Operations

  1. SSL Certificate Update Progress & Checklist

    Last night we installed an SSL Certificate on This updated forces all traffic to [URL][/URL] instead of the http:// version. We've chosen to install the SSL Certificate largely due to Google's strong recommendation. Beginning in 2017, Google began showing user login forms as insecure if the website did not use HTTPS, and noted that this insecure warning was the first of several future steps. All pages should now show the "Secure" green lock next to our...
  2. Update on the Missing Forums/Posts

    Last Wednesday (4/27) the Community Interaction category of the forum disappeared. I know many of you have been wondering what happened, what is currently going on, and when it will be back. This post is to explain the situation - and does so in detail - so as to be transparent about the problem, since it's still unresolved. It may get somewhat technical. If you want the short explanation, jump to the end. I would have made an announcement sooner, but I had to gather information and I had...
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