1. Books Read in 2022

    Bolded titles were my favorite (4.5 or 5 star) reads of the year. Some of the books, such as the two from H.G. Wells, could be considered outside the genres where I’ve placed them. I did my best. :) Fantasy (14) The Darkness That Comes Before, R. Scott Bakker At the Earth’s Core, Edgar Rice Burroughs Traitor’s Blade, Sebastien de Castell Tigerheart, Peter David Beyond Redemption, Michael R. Fletcher Smoke and Stone, Michael R. Fletcher The Grey Bastards, Jonathan French The King...
  2. A Slow Start

    So this first entry is going to be a little warm-up. everyone always wantd to rush into things right? I've learned my lesson the hard way with that. so focused on the end-game then the actual journey itself. life is about getting to know things. I know as a child for me I had the feeling of constantly being rushed. everything needed to get done on someone elses time. racing against a clock that never stops. We live in a world that never stops. We never have the same moment Twice. even if its...
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