1. Breaking through the bottleneck.

    Been a while since I had a reason, any reason to write anything down over here and this is a rare occasion, since the reason at hand is bliss. I'm so happy, ecstatic actually and of course I just have to share it with everyone, especially here, since it has to do with writing, so... relatability! :superidea: I believe that you'll understand. I've got a number of WIP going on, none of them completed and most of them are in english and only one of them is a screenplay, which I write in greek,...
  2. I just wanted to...

    When the soft sunlight kisses your eyelids for the last time, I wish you'll find that all you ever wanted, all you ever needed, is within reach into another dream, and as you release that final breath for the first time, You will find that no options are worth discovering any longer other than twenty one grams drifting away into a golden stream of mellow ifs and sweet nothings. Inspired by many things but mostly by a scene in the film "9 Souls".
  3. The problem with "All in".

    So, it starts with a simple option amongst options. Whatever that may be, you start analysing it. The pros, the cons. What's interesting about this option is the importance of the prize. You start daydreaming about the pros like they will lead you to the promised land, but there's a catch. In order to harvest this fulfillment, you know that you gotta go all in. No other way around it. "All in" means giving it your all. Invest all of your time, all your focus, all of your energy, but most of...
  4. Fiesta (Translated Lyrics).

    I love this song and this video. Hope it brings you up instead of down. In any case, it wakes me up from emotional slumber. Hope it has the same effect on you too. Enjoy! Fiesta - Trypes (Holes) My words are a sweet prayer, they perch outside your closed window. And if you’d let them they'd open a crack from your small cell to infinity. But you hush and mourn like the convict, over the ash that covers paradise. Over the ash… Set fire to what burns you, to what devours your soul....
  5. Atlast, a pesron I can understand. :D

    I watched a lot of his videos and I think that he is a genius. I've never seen something like that! He is such a good performer. It was difficult to choose which of his videos I should share so... Enjoy! :)
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