Life of an alter-ego

  1. -Yaaaawwwnnn-

    Saturday we got off work (newspaper factory) at around 5:00 pm, which is pretty dang good. We were shootin' for 4:30 - 5:00. Anyway, I was doing around 3-4 machines at a time, which obviously knocks someone out. I was in a grumpy mood whenever someone said something about a machine light going off and whatnot. Came home around 5:20, grumpy mood and all, then fell asleep a little over ten minutes later. Didn't wake up until 10:08 pm. After that, I went to bed in my room and had to get up...
  2. My list of fears

    Jotting this down for myself. You all will get to know me a little bit better by it, I believe. XP Height: I have a MAJOR phobia of heights. Like standing on the first step of a stool will freak me out. For the most part, I feel dizzy, stomach clenches and I get the shakes. I get to thinking I'm going to fall and it's going to hurt. One person picked me up in a hug from behind one time and I flipped, started hyperventilating because I thought he was going to drop me. It's why I hesitate...
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