Personal Writing

  1. Forgiveness is futile.

    Mom came crying into my arms today. I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU dad, for what you have done. For DESTROYING all in your path, with no regard for your family-you just do not give a DAMN! And it is ever apparent. I will NEVER FORGIVE this instillment of FEAR into her heart, to keep her under your thumb, so that she would not leave. For the way that you have so self centerdly live your life, while ruining others. For pulling apart our family, and taking away the thing that I needed the most-FOR...
  2. What I've been diagnosed with.

    “Hypomania: A condition similar to mania but less severe. The symptoms are similar with elevated mood, increased activity, decreased need for sleep, grandiosity, racing thoughts, and the like. However, hypomanic episodes differ in that they do not cause significant distress or impair one's work, family, or social life in an obvious way while manic episodes do. Hypomanic people tend to be unusually cheerful, have more than ample energy, and need little sleep. Hypomania is a pleasurable...
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