Personal Writing

  1. I need help deciding on a place for a pack of werwolves

    I need help deciding on where and what area or town on the west coast could be preferably close to what I need for the pack land in the werewolf book I am writing . Any help is very appreciated and accepted . so here it is what is needed exactly : 1). west coast town 2). a small town at least 30 mins from any small city were they would have the necessities like a mall or fancy restaurants and of course humans would be here but not in the werewolf town 3). in this small town I'd like to...
  2. Going for 100 likes on my Facebook page!

    OK people, I'm just 6 likes away from 100 on my author page! I need some encouragement during these final phases of thesis writing, help me get it over the top! All it takes is the click of one little button (Actually two clicks, click the link to my page first, then click the 'LIKE' button at the top).
  3. Airships and Escapes

    This was meant to be submitted to a contest. But I misread the deadline and missed it by 12 hours! *The prompt was 'steampunk romance' and the suggested length was less than 1,000 words. I have a much longer version, a 'director's cut' if you will, that needs some polishing but I'll get it posted here eventually too. And yes, it is steampunk, its supposed to be full of cliche' and corniness. Enjoy I implore you for comments and critiques. With a powerful shove Andrea Cunningham was hurled...
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