Short story

  1. Agony.

    She just stood there. Breathless. There was a small part of her that was fighting against the total paralysis that held her rooted, but it wasn't strong enough. She felt the warm tears on her face only after they started trickling down her face, the pain felt unreal, like somehow it was something alien squirming inside of her, but at the same time it was integral to her. So much a part of her it was in her core. It was agony, absolute and unequivocal. By any logic it should have torn her...
  2. Everyday Neurosis.

    This is part of my project. It's very scary for me to post it, but here goes. Pain helps. Not the kind where you cut yourself, she didn't like the idea of the scars being therefor the rest of her life. But the pain of having a part of her body pierced by a needle. Putting in a piece of jewlery to fill the piece of ugly. Or having a different type of needle push into her skin fifty times a second to reveal a beautiful image or meaningful words. It was a relief to feel the pain on the...
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