Deceitful Survival

.From a young girl to a strong woman.

  1. Thundair
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    Deceitful Survival
    LC Lee
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    In a time period when there were few options for a woman, the main character Andrée, finds the courage to grow as a person and the strength to survive as a strong woman. Through a series of life-threatening ordeals, Andrée's journey begins when she is abandoned by her family, with no other option she becomes a nun, and is assigned to a mission in Haiti. She soon has to flee for her life in order to survive a revolution between the Vodun and French farmers. With a priest, René, she finds refuge in the mountains in a Taíno Indian village, and without the Church to define her role, she falls in love with the rebel priest. When their presence endangers the tribe, they escape Haiti by boarding a ship to Cuba. It is the beginning of several intriguing deceptions in the story, when they abandon their positions in the Church and travel as husband and wife.
    LC Lee


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