Flank Hawk 2016-07-22

1st Novel in the First Civilization's Legacy Series

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    Flank Hawk
    Terry W. Ervin II
    What happens when fire-breathing dragons battle Stukas for aerial supremacy over a battlefield? Can an earth wizard's magic defeat a panzer? Krish, a farmhand turned mercenary, witnesses this and much more as he confronts the Necromancer King's new war machines resurrected from before the First Civilization's fall. Worse yet, a wounded prince tasks Krish to find the fabled Colonel of the West and barter the royal family's malevolent Blood Sword for a weapon to thwart the Necromancer King's victory.

    Flank Hawk is set in the distant future where magic exists and brutish ogres are more than a child's nightmare.
    Gryphonwood Press


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