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Redemption of the Damned

An entertaining Sci fi Noir dealing with the unintended consequences of Utopia

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  1. nippy818
    Member's Book Title::
    Redemption of the Damned
    N. A. Luna
    Publish Date:
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    It's the 24th century—as mankind's new renaissance takes place in their newly established domain amongst the stars, peace has finally been established with the barrel of a gun and boots on the ground. The peace does not apply to Detective Ryan Hernandez. While fighting his own demons, he must weigh the choice to remain a detective or retire and stop spilling blood. The choice is made for him when a group of bank robbers turn out to be guerrilla fighters, funneling money into a new rebellion hell-bent on dragging the system back into the fires of a vicious war. Now he must hunt down the rebel leader, and unmask the traitors that threaten everything Ryan and his fellow Agents have fought for
    Self Publish


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