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The Proper Usage of Which and That in Clauses

An explanation of when to use "which" or "that."

  1. Swimcade
    I never even thought about how I could be using these wrong! Thanks
  2. Ellbell Schnieder
    Ellbell Schnieder
    This was very clear and concise. Thanks for that! There are many articles on the internet that are only of use to a writer/reader with a certain level of experience, but this one is easy to understand and has value for both the experienced and inexperienced writer/reader. This description will definitely be of use to me when explaining this error to those whose papers I correct.
  3. Dark Infinity
    Dark Infinity
    A great answer to a question I didn't know I had. Thank you.
  4. Rozman
    Thank you for this. Concise and clear.
  5. Ippo
    Articles that change the way we think about overlooked nuances of proper grammar are something I wish to see more of. The topic of which vs. that, which I just recently had a talk about with my English teacher, might not be huge but has a serious impact on the punctuation and our understanding of a sentence's elements. Thank you for this simple, yet excellent article.
  6. akexodia
    Very well put. Amazing article.
    A lot of resources that I read on the internet only increased my confusion. Your article, which I read only because I had free time, cleared all the doubts. :P
    Or so I hope.
  7. GingerCoffee
    Most of the time I can 'hear' proper grammar but there are a few words that can sound equally correct to my ear. This was a useful resource making this particular word choice easier to correctly hear. Thanks.
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