The Wolves Of War

Being a morph in a world where they're hunted and killed is deadly - especially when there's a war.

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    The Wolves Of War
    Greg Curtis
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    Briagh has a secret. He's a morph. One born with the gift of changing shape. He has another secret too. He's also a thief. A genuine cat burglar.
    Meanwhile Elan has her own secret. Despite pretending to be a bardic warrior she's actually the Princess of Abylon. And she too has a second secret. Her entire family is mad.
    Her father and brothers are unable to rule. Her mother is not dead as people believe. Instead she's become the psychotic wolf mother, whose pack has been killing and devouring the people of the city for a decade.
    And then there's the Court and their little secret. They rule the Kingdom of Abylon even though they do not have the right.
    Secrets are useful things. They allow people like Elan and Briagh to live normal, even comfortable lives. They allow a kingdom to be governed by those who do not have the authority. They make life for the people of Abylon possible.

    But when their secrets are revealed, none of those things may hold. And when the wolf mother is the reason for that revelation – it may be war.


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