World Building Leviathan 2017-08-12

A Worldbuilding Bible Template for Scrivener

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  1. Wreybies
    For you devout world-builders. :agreed:

    Ok, first and foremost, I only just found this, so please don't expect a comprehensive explanation. I'm just now playing around with it myself. I was looking for something to help me with an Urban Fantasy idea that's dancing around in my brain because I've not really done Fantasy before. I'm a Sci-Fi boy at heart. I found this World Building Leviathan, and it comes with a stonking Scrivener template to boot! Always looking for every angle to maximize my Scrivener investment, me. :bigwink: It seems to be conceived along a similar ideology as Dramatica Story Expert, a piece of software I invested in a year or so ago, just as an experiment, but that piece of software was too complicated and too dictatorial, and it's not Scrivener friendly. I may turn this into a Resource eventually as I play with it and maybe you Scrivener fans play with it too and give feedback, etc.

    Link to the developer's website explaining the World Building Leviathan tool.
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